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Novell NetWare

Sync.: NWOrgUnit to OMDBFunction synchronises NWOrgUnit
Sync.: NWPerson to OMDBFunction synchronises NWPerson
Sync.: NWGroup to OMDBFunction synchronises NWGroup
Disc.: NWDomain to OMDBFunction inserts new NWDomain to OM Database
Disc.: NWGroup to OMDBFunction inserts membership to OMDB Group
Disc.: NWOrgUnit to OMDBFunction discovers members of NWOrgUnits to OM Database
Add Person to NW Directory with uid in DNFunction creates new person object in NW directory with UID
Add group to NW DirectoryFunction creates new groupofuniquenames object in NW directory
Delete NW objectFunction deletes object from NW directory
Set property for NW objectFunction sets Property for Sun One object
Set multiple object properties (overwrite)Function sets properties for an object in Sun One directory (overwrite)
Set multiple object properties (add)Function sets properties for an object in Sun One directory (add)
Add property valueFunction adds value for Property
Remove property valueFunction removes value for Property
Add user to groupFunction adds object to group
Remove user from groupFunction removes object from group
Process LDIF fileProcess LDIF file (ldapmodify)
Modul-Funktion: Get LDAP AttributeFunction reads an LDAP Attribute
Modul-Funktion: Get LDAP AttributesFunction reads LDAP Attributes
Modul-Funktion: LDAP object existsFunction checks for LDAP object
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3/17/2020 .: Information about Corona situation at UNICAT. Dear customers, at this point we can inform you that business at Unicat is currently running without restrictions. All employees are currently on duty, our support hotline is available as usual and all projects are running within the planned schedule. To keep it that way, we have taken all possible and necessary precautions to continue to be there for you as usual. Stay healthy! Unicat Team
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2/4/2020 .: Current Microsoft patch for LDAP access. Microsoft has announced to prevent unencrypted LDAP communication with Active Directory domain controllers for security reasons ( Operations Manager´s authentication between Operations Manager and AD works through Kerberos and not via simple login-credentials. In UNICAT´s test environments, the settings of the Microsoft patch were made manually, which resulted no problems in communication of the Operations Manager with the AD. If you have any questions or problems, please contact our support team.
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8/30/2019 .: Support ends for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 r2. Current OM versions no longer support SQL Server version 2008 and 2008 r2 and are therefore discontinued by Operations Manager. Versions 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2019 are furthermore supported.
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5/21/2019 .: OM release 1189 available. From now on, release 1189 is available. This release includes fixes for surface rendering issues and fixes for current trouble tickets, release notes and feature tickets.
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4/26/2019 .: New OM release 1181 available. OM release 1181 is now available. This release includes the conversion to BigINT (please manage the migration carefully in case of large amounts of data - please contact us if you need assistance). This release supports Microsoft Edge browser and Google Chrome browser. Please note that in Internet Explorer 11 the compatibility mode must be switched off.
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